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November 05 2009

its november, sad tune, but appropiate though

November 03 2009

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YouTube - StarCraft2.PRO Fast 3D Art video

November 02 2009

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YouTube - Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood in blood out
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YouTube - Jedi Mind Tricks - I against I feat. Planetary
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YouTube - Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing

October 31 2009

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a Nerds classic, All yourBase are belong to u,  funny pics, sound gets annoying after some time
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normally i don't like the pitched voices and i don't like R'n'B at all, but that song's refrain is just nice.

October 30 2009

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YouTube - Superstar Kasachstan

October 29 2009

really deserves it's name
King Syze - The Best

October 28 2009

October 27 2009

ouh lamb-kebap, as Homer said...
nice jacket for now, it's getting cold...
and my favorite shirt, for next summer
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manchmal hab ich auch wieder bock zurück in ne küche zu gehen
7068 8cac 410
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October 26 2009

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well, kinda describes my mood atm.. sleepy,  sad, dreaming my girl was here
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